8 June 2020
by Jura Passion
Must-see places in the Jura | lakes, waterfalls, gorges and caves – Gîtes Les Cornouillers

Be amazed by the diversity of the Jura landscapes during your stay in our gîtes whether in summer or winter and explore its surprising and splendid tourist sites.
Conceived by nature, vegetation reigns everywhere offering you a breathtaking view and the spectacular waterfalls guarantee you an auditory relaxation.
Here, its geological wealth is exclusive of its kind, such as the creation of Lake Chalain distinguished by its stunningly turquoise water. This spot gives you the pleasure of bathing in it. By going to visit the caves of Moidons, to make a patrimonial discovery, they make you travel through the ages by its fascinating beauties and its mysteries.
Baume-les-Monsieurs is a typical small village which is one of the cultural legacies of the Jura where you can find traditional architecture such as the magnificent imperial abbey formerly Benedictine.

1 – The Waterfalls of the hedgehog :

Part of the system of major sites in French, the Hedgehog Waterfalls, in the Jura, is one of a large complex called “Hedgehog Valley, 7 Lakes Plateau.”

In winter as in summer, the Hedgehog waterfalls offer you a non-stop spectacle, in the rhythm of the Jura nature. They owe their existence to the “Hedgehog,” an energetic torrent which originates from the Saut Girard, coming from the lakes of Bonlieu and Ilay. Nature has designed this valley and has created no fewer than 31 successive jumps and which constitute these famous waterfalls.


2 –  Chalain Lake :

Being the largest lake in the Jura, Chalain Lake has a singularity owing to its geological heritage which is the incredibly turquoise water. This lake has so many assets to be discovered that in order to see them, you have to go there and stay there.

At sunrise, Lake Chalain quickly becomes the inevitable meeting place for holidaymakers.



3 – Tufs waterfall :

Tufs waterfall, a name which comes from the great source of the Cuisance, is born in the centre of the remote boards, located at the top, and emerges from a limestone massif by several cavities. With the bright sun and clear skies, let yourself be guided through the undergrowth, where the sun’s rays manage to pierce through, and come and discover a miracle of the Jura landscapes.

4 – Langouette Gorge :

Carved by the Saine, the Langouette gorges impress the visitors by their narrowness and their depth. From the Langouette Bridge, enjoy and admire a beautiful view of this long embedded river snake and feel the good vibes offered by this Jura wonder.

5 – Baume les messieurs :

Located in the Jura, Baume-les-Messieurs is one of the most beautiful villages in France. Whatever the season, you will find a total discovery such as the visit of the Abbey, the Caves, the Secluded, the waterfalls. If you want to combine a walk and a little exploration of the must-see places, other itineraries exist for you, strolling with family or friends.

Whatever the season of the year, this part of the Jura is beautiful, in winter, for example, the early morning mist and mysterious light make it look as if it has just come straight out of a fantastic epic. In summer, the dense vegetation and the bubbling of the waterfall provide the most spectacular setting.

Link to visit:

6 – Moidons Caves :

Located in the heart of the Jura forest, not far from Arbois, the Grottes of Moidons are accessible to all. The visit to this marvel will take you to a captivating world. Grandioses, columns, draperies, innumerable stalactites form a landscape sparkling with beauty. Come also to discover the bats which have occupied the Moidons Caves for a very long time.

Once again, the Jura will make you discover one of its many wonders.

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