Typical dishes from the Jura region

To discover Jura, certainly go through the plate. For it is impossible to cross it without tasting its tasty treasures and typical specialities which reveal its identity. Indeed, you will find in the menu of our chalets its variety of flavours and tastes which are prepared with its gastronomic base namely: the cheese Compté, the Morteau sausage, wines, native fishes and many others to sharpen your taste buds.
As an example, we can mention the cappuccino of butternut and smoked trout with fennel seed, this velvety starter dish is presented in a soup plate. It’s a blend of smoked trout flavor cut into cubes with a quenelle of whipped cream. As for the cheese, you have the nems au Compté, a simple yet delicious starter based on the famous cheese le Compté. The latter is wrapped in a very thin slice of ham, then the whole thing is wrapped in a sheet of brick. When they are cooked, a crudité can accompany them seasoned with hazelnut oil.
The Franc-Comtoise potée is another delicacy. It is a local dish, whose ingredients are Morteau sausages with salted bacon, smoked bacon as well as a smoked palette composed of a mixture of vegetables and fragrant spices such as thyme and/or bay leaf. The preparation of several most typical dishes uses these sausages.
For gourmet desserts, griottine pancakes are very popular in the region. They are made from a sweet pancake batter and delicious griottine sauces.

Yellow wine in the culinary arts


The town of Arbois, capital of Jura wines, invites you to taste products from different quality grape varieties, including the famous yellow wine of Châteaux-Chalon, one of the region’s far products, with unique flavours that are incomparable to any other wine in the world.
Often used in myriad gastronomic recipes, vin jaune offers a succulent taste and a typical full-bodied aroma to dishes such as coq au vin jaune. The latter is one of the famous Jura-style gastronomic specialities, which will deliver delicate flavours to your taste buds.

...Comté and Morteau's sausages

What attracts travellers to the culinary treasures of the Jura, apart from the wine, are the Comté, a delicious raw cow’s milk cheese with a cooked pressed paste and the Morteau sausages, which have an amber colour thanks to the aromatic smoking that stimulates the appetite. And there are many more that you will have the opportunity to try new flavours during your gourmet stay in our gîtes. Here, the chefs are proud of their profession because they have the incredible opportunity to make people happy by whetting our taste buds with refined and prestigious products.