June 8, 2020
by Jura Passion
5 Hikes to do in the Lakes Region

Hiking is much more than a long walk! It’s also synonymous with nature, relaxation and discovering otherwise inaccessible places. In any case, it’s an excellent option to enjoy the pure air and movement. It will have undeniable benefits for the body, provided that it remains rational. In this adventure, we share hiking itineraries to discover the magnificent Jura lakes and breathtaking panoramas.

The Hedgehog waterfalls: The classic hike

Whatever your level, the Hedgehog waterfalls are open to everyone. Three loops are proposed to you and which will allow you to visit this incomparable setting in a playful or sporting way.

Starting from the waterfalls house, a round trip of 3 hours (7.5 km and 255 m of D+) allows you to discover the 7 waterfalls.

The multitude of waterfalls, each as different as the next, makes it a real high-spot for regional tourism. The Fan (65 m) and its unique shape, the Grand Saut (60 m) and the Saut Girard (35 m) are the most spectacular of all.

You will have more details on this hike, by consulting the page of the site

The summit of the Aigle

Discover the apex of the Aigle and its 360° panorama, the view of the Jura plateaus, the Monts Jura, the Mont-Blanc in clear weather. Without forgetting the Belvedere of the 4 lakes, and its view of the incredible turquoise waters of the Ilay lakes, Narlay, Petit and Grand Maclu.

Starting from La Chaux-du-Dombief, it is 5.3 km long and 100 m in altitude, the equivalent of a 2-hour walk for family outings via the Aigle peak and the 4 lakes lookout. For sporty hikes, you have to go through the “Pic de l’Aigle”, the 4 lakes lookout, the Maclu and the Ilay, totalling 9.7 km and 333 m of difference in altitude for 4 hours.

If you want to follow this hike, you can download the itinerary at https://www.cirkwi.com/fr/circuit/67684-le-pic-de-l-aigle

The Cairns Trail

A hike through the rural landscape of the Jura with superb views along the way. The entire route is marked out by more than 100 cairns. Under a ” task ” of ” foyards “, a place gives a moment of relaxation. The way then leads to the first lookout with a bench for relaxing and contemplating.

Admire the chain of the Jura mountains from the Mont rond at the end of the large water ridge with the snow ridge as a backdrop, the highest point in the Jura massif, and the Chalam ridge.

To follow this hike, you can download the itinerary on http://img.over-blog-kiwi.com/1/00/40/09/20180223/ob_4310f5_sentier-des-cairns.jpg

Tour of the 4 Lakes

To discover the 4 wonderful lakes (Ilay, Narlay, Petit and Grand Maclu), an 11 km trail along the lakes and in the forest is accessible by hiking and mountain biking from the hamlet of Ilay in Chaux-du-Dombief.

There are several different car parks as well as picnic areas. During the hike, you have the possibility to swim in several places.

You will have more details about this hike, by consulting the page of the site

Hike to the lake of Bonlieu

With its undergrowth trail, the hike to Lac of Bonlieu offers you one of the most seductive discoveries of the famous Jura with a 3.54 km route in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, always keep your eyes and ears open during the trip! This glacial lake located in its rocky setting is a true paradise for flowers and birds.

If you want to follow this hike, you can download the itinerary at https://www.visorando.com/randonnee-le-lac-de-bonlieu/

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